The member of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR), Ziad Daghim, said that Holland has hosted meetings this week gathering HoR members and east-representing members from the High Council of State (HCS) into a dialogue initiative that precedes the comprehensive political dialogue.

Talking to the press, Daghim said the Holland-brokered meetings' results were put in writing as a "recommendation" to be displayed on Cyrenaica HoR members.

Daghim - a federalist Benghazi MP - said the attendees of the meetings agreed on the fact that the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) is the only reference for upcoming dialogues and that the right for IDPs' return is nonnegotiable.

"One united army must be formed in Libya under a civilian authority as will be agreed after amending the LPA. The Constitution Drafting Assembly's term has ended as per the constitutional declaration and the LPA and the alternative is going back to the constitutional legitimacy of the LPA." Dahim cited the meetings' results as saying.

He explained that they also agreed on reshuffling the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government and adopting a new miniature government detached from it.

"The MPs discussed in Holland with Martin Kobler, the Head of the UNSMIL, their five recommendations, which - according to Kobler - will be passed for discussion to the dialogue teams of the HoR and HCS as well as the political activists and stakeholders in Libya.