The House of Representatives (HoR) has amended the date of the presidential and legislative elections, as they will not take place on the same day as previously planned, says the HoR's spokesman Abdullah Blehaq.

The presidential elections will take place on December 24, while the legislative elections will be conducted a month later in January, Blehaq told a press conference Tuesday.

He explained that in order to drive the country to a more stable stage, the parliament considered finalizing the presidential elections first and then moving to the parliamentary elections after thirty days.

Regarding political parties, Blehaq confirmed that the Parliamentary elections law does not prohibit the participation of political parties, but provided that the parties participate in the individual system and not by list.

The HoR approved the legislative elections law scheduled for the end of this year, less than a month after approving a controversial presidential election law without putting it to a vote, which sparked a wave of resentment among the political class.