The delegations of the House of Representatives (HoR) and High Council of State (HCS) agreed Saturday in Morocco's Bouznika to form a working team to implement the mechanism for sovereign positions' sharing among the three Libyan regions.

The sovereign positions that were discussed by the delegations were the Central Bank of Libya: Governor and deputy; Administrative Control Authority: Head and deputy; Audit Bureau: Head and deputy, and High National Elections Commission: Head and members.

The delegations issued a statement after the meetings in Bouznika ended, saying they had discussed earlier decisions about implementing Article 15 of the Libyan Political Agreement of 2105, adding that they would commit to qualifications and professionalism as well as geographical area in the sovereign positions' mechanism, and reiterated that all these positions would be terminated by the end of the preparatory period.

In the meantime, the member of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Al-Raeid, told Libya Al-Ahrar TV Saturday afternoon that the delegations in Bouznika had agreed on the distribution of state sovereign positions geographically: namely; the Central Bank of Libya and Administrative Control Authority for Cyrenaica region (eastern Libya) the Supreme Court and Anti-corruption Authority for Fezzan region (south).

Al-Raeid added that the Tripoli region (western Libya) will be given the Attorney General and Audit Bureau's positions in the new executive authority ahead of December elections.‎