Members from the House of Representatives (HoR) and High Council of State (HCS) - "mostly east region's representatives" and headed by second deputy head Omar Bushah - met in Al-Bayda in east Libya to discuss their  differences and lead the country to a lasting stability, HCS media office has reported.

HCS said their delegation held a series of meetings with members of the HoR, elders and tribal dignitaries to discuss viewpoints. It added that a number of elders of the Dresa tribe and members of the HoR invited the delegation to dinner during which discussions were held on the political situation in the country.

They reviewed opinions on how to reach a national consensus to end transitional periods as HCS members talked about the latest developments and expressed differences with the HoR can be resolved to move forward.

Sources confirmed a few days ago that a number of members of the HoR and the HCS representing the Cyrenaica (east) region would hold a meeting to discuss the possibility of activating the Constitution of Independence, which was approved in 1951 and provided for the federal system before it was amended in 1963.