Tobruk’s House of Representatives is doing nothing for the country and has left all the issues for Abdullah Al-Thanni, who is literally messing around with Libya’s fate as he pleases, HoR member Ibrahim Al-Dersi has said.

Speaking on the phone with London-based Libya 24 channel, Al-Dersi said that Abdullah Al-Thanni – the Prime Minister of the HoR’s government, has created a corrupted system inside the HoR.

“He encouraged all his ministers to fill their pockets with money by using their posts at the expense of the Libyan people so that they continue to support him to keep his position.” Al-Dersi added.

He also said that Al-Thanni government is all a mess to the extent that most of its ministers are registered on paper only and never go to office and work.

“The deputy prime minister of Al-Thanni is acting more importantly that he is and the head of Al-Thanni’s office is the big shot among all ministers, so isn’t this a shame.” Al-Dersi exclaimed, asking the Speaker of the HoR, Aqilah Saleh and the HoR members to immediately sack Al-Thanni to put an end to his haphazardness and indifference towards the country.

“Abdullah Al-Thanni, if you respect yourself and your job as well as your government’s incapability to change things on the ground, you need to resign and leave the post for some other qualified people.” Al-Dersi addressed Al-Thanni on Libya 24 TV.

He also pinpointed that most of Al-Thanni’s decisions were selective and based on tribal and regional favoritism, while in fact Al-Thanni knows absolutely zilch about what is going on in Libya, neither politically nor socially.

“He is benefiting by manipulating the money of the Libyan people and he is to be held accountable for the 7 billion dollars his government received over the last two years and of which Libyans had received nothing. He did not even build a single barrack using that money.” Al-Dersi indicated.

HoR meber Al-Dersi stated as well that he is speaking publicly about Al-Thanni’s violations and scandals as he and all HoR members are disallowed to say a word of criticism or even state their opinions about any of the government’s actions.