The member of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) Ali Al-Sibayi said the parliament’s sessions will be held in Ghadames this week or at the start of next week, saying in a televised statement that the HoR members who met in Tangier agreed on reform, independence of decision, and on the need for all members to feel safe away from death threats or coercion.

Al-Sibayi said what has been happening in Libya since 2011 has led for the need to find a solution to the crisis "caused by any factors including the foreign hands".

He said Ghadames meeting will be a good step but may not level up to expectations as some members have been part of the crisis, others are looking for personal gains, and some others are implementing agenda of certain parties, despite the presence of patriots.

The members of the Libyan House of Representatives (Tripoli and Tobruk seats) agreed in their final statement Saturday following their consultative meetings in Tangier, Morocco, to hold a session with full quorum in Ghadames inside Libya.

The final statement says the constitutional headquarters of the convention of the HoR meetings is Benghazi, agreeing to hold a session in Ghadames to end the division of the Libyan Parliament.