A member of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives said the leader of the Dignity Operation, Khalifa Haftar, considers himself higher than the highest authority of the Libyan state.

The member, who declined to be named, expressed bewilderment to Press Solidarity Sunday about why Haftar had never been summoned by the HoR to question him about the results of his operation, which has now gone beyond two years.

“Some members told me that Haftar was summoned by the HoR many times, but he did not go there.” The member added, wondering who could be the supreme power – the HoR or Haftar? Pointing out that he was a boycotting member and he rejoined the HoR after the political agreement.

“For the Benghazi war to end, a military option must be rid of once and for all. Because if it continues, Benghazi will not be rescued from the ongoing fight even if the state has come in effect.” The member indicated, adding that the social fabric in Benghazi has been shredded into pieces, yet we can see the state government trying to build the infrastructure but will never see it solving a problem between two families, he remarked. 

The member also called for ending Benghazi war, giving a chance for dialogue among all the conflicting parties. He called on the elders to have the biggest role in solving the problem of Benghazi according to tradition and custom.

“After endorsing the UN-proposed government of the Skhirat political agreement and after it assumes duty, Haftar will be definitely summoned for questioning.” Concluded the member.