Several House of Representatives (HoR) said they found it strange that the international community was silent toward the discovery of mass graves in Tarhouna, where just recently five new graves had been unearthed with 25 bodies inside, thus bringing the number of bodies to 220.

The 55 HoR members condemned the lack of action and condemnation by the international community toward the mass graves and the perpetrators, in addition to the lack of assistance to Tarhouna municipality to deal with the atrocity.

The members said the Presidency of the HoR, High Council of State, Presidential Council, Government of National Unity, and local and international judicial as well as human rights organizations are morally and legally obliged to stand with Tarhouna to handle the impact of those "terrorist acts".

The last location of Khalifa Haftar's war on Tripoli between April 2019 and June 2020, Tarhouna was the scene of the discovery of many mass graves where tens of bodies had been unearthed.