Several members of the House of Representatives (HoR) have warned of expanding the authority of the sovereign positions' committee from sorting out applications to selection incumbents.

42 HoR members urged in a statement the committee to send the matching applicants to the HoR to select seven of them as per the agreement, adding that expanding the authority of the committee would terminate the role of the HoR and would be a violation of the Bouznika agreement.

The committee for sorting out the applications for sovereign positions in Libya has been convening in Tobruk at the HoR headquarters for days and it could announce the finalists on Sunday.

Some committee members' statements to the press stirred controversy, including the member Abdelmonem Al-Arfi who said anyone who comes from west Libya, even if he lived Cyrenaica - eastern Libya - for 100 years, wouldn't be considered an easterner and so wouldn't qualify for the positions allocated for the eastern region as per the agreement.