The east-based Parliament on Thursday voted unanimously to appoint Fathi Bashagha as prime minister of the new government.

Parliament Spokesman Abdullah Belhaq said the House granted confidence to Fathi Bashagha as prime minister, with the unanimous consent of the representatives present in today’s session.

At the same session, the Speaker of Parliament, Aqila Saleh, said he received a letter of recommendation from the High Council of State for Fathi Bashagha to head the next government.

However, 15 members of the House of Representatives questioned the legality of the vote to redraft the 12th amendment of the temporary constitution.

"The House approved by an absolute majority the 12th constitutional amendment with 126 votes out of more than 147 deputies," Belhaq said.

The objecting deputies said the vote to confirm the amendment of the temporary constitution was not conducted in the hall with yes or no, which requires the approval of two-thirds of the number of parliament members +1.

Meanwhile, the media office of Fathi Bashagha invited journalists to attend a press conference that Bashagha will give at Mitiga Airport upon his arrival from Tobruk without disclosing the time of his arrival.