The House of Representatives (HoR) referred, on Wednesday, the draft of the 13th constitutional amendment to the High Council of State (HCS) for consideration by what was agreed upon between the two councils, the HoR spokesman, Abdullah Blehaq said on Wednesday.

According to Blehaq, the amendment was unanimously approved by the Parliament at a session on February 7 in Benghazi.

The amendment concerns the legislative authority and its competencies and determines the powers of the heads of state and the Council of Ministers.

It also specifies the HQ of the National Assembly mentioned in Tripoli's amendment, which consists of 900 members.

The document stipulates that the Parliament be housed in Benghazi with 200 members elected according to population density.

If the HSC backs the amendment -which the HoR Speaker, Aqiila Saleh, considers a constitutional basis for presidential and parliamentary elections- the next step will be forming a committee to pursue consensus on an election law to present it to the HoR for approval and promulgation.