How did Tripoli total blackout start?

How did Tripoli total blackout start?

January 18, 2017 - 22:29
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Here is what we know about the cause of current total blackouts in western Libya:

- An armed group from Zawiya seized a truck with a container full of tobacco for a man from Wirshiffana.

- An armed group from Wirshiffana kidnapped several people from Zawiya city in retaliation.

- Relatives of the abductees, many are armed, closed the gas pipeline that feeds the main power plant of 1200 MW in Zawiya on January 09, demanding release of their sons.

- Zawiya power plant is the main power supplier of the capital, in addition to south Tripoli and Khomis power plants. Ruwais power plant in Nafousa Mountain - about 795 MW output - feeds towns of the region there.  

- The General Electricity Company (GECOL) warned about an imminent total blackout in the western region if the gas pipeline was not reopened.

-A total blackout occurred on January 14 from Ras Ajdir in west Libya to Ajdabia in the east.

- Engineers of GECOL managed to re-operate the power generators after several hours.

- Another total blackout occurred on January 17 due to the high power demand and low output.

- Some cities (Khomis and Zawiya, Zintan, Nafousa Mountain towns) and a district in Tripoli (Abu Salim) are refusing to experience rolling blackouts.

- Refusal resulted in long hours of blackouts in other cities.

- GECOL says power demand has increased to 7500 MW while output is about 4500 MW.