The National Commission of Human Rights Libya (NCHR) has filed a report with the Public Prosecutor to ban the popular social media app TikTok in Libya.

In a statement on Saturday, the organization said it has acted on requests from citizens, institutions, and civil society organizations, especially those concerned with protecting children, women, and human rights.

"The content provided through this application violates the rights and freedoms provided in the Interim Constitutional Declaration and national legislation and laws in force. It undermines the rule of law and justice, the social and religious values, and Libya's cultural specificities."

It underscored the need for action to address the 'harmful materials' presented through the Chinese-established app, saying it has become an arena for abuse, insults, and breaching the moral law of our society.

Besides the clips that promote nudity, bullying, violence, and hatred, the app is being used for trafficking drugs and currency, the organization added.

In its report addressed to the Attorney General on February 9, 2023, the NHCR called on the authorities to order the Libya Telecom and Technology Company, the General Information Authority, and the National Authority for Information Security and Safety to ban the TikTok app in Libya.