The Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) organization has blamed the UN-proposed Presidential Council (PC) for the abductions that are happening in Tripoli, saying the PC’s reluctance to have a firm stance on the issue has made it grow bigger.

“PC armed groups are responsible for some kidnappings and so we call on the PC to stop them from doing criminal acts using its name and by its orders.” The HRS said in a statement on Sunday.

It added that neither the UN-proposed government nor any of its institutions have yet announced investigations into the kidnap and murder of the religious cleric, Nadir Al-Omrani, who is said to have been killed by an armed group from the UN-proposed government’s Interior Ministry.

“The Special Deterrent Force, which is part of the UN-proposed government’s Interior Ministry, has kidnapped several Libyans while departing Martyrs Square in Tripoli, including the Head of Foreign Media Office at the Salvation Government, Jamal Zubia, and forcefully made them disappear for 120 days without any charges.” The statement adds.

It indicated that another armed group from the UN-proposed government abducted Omar Al-Aqel from in front of his house, knowing that he is a fighter who took part in Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos operation against IS in Sirte, nonetheless; the PC has not condemned or decried this act or other kidnaps in Tripoli yet.

“We also denounce the abduction of the political activist, Salah Al-Bakoush, and we urge the abductors to release him immediately so that he returns safe to his family.” The HRS’s statement concludes.