Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) said it was concerned about the increasingly soaring rates of abduction in the cities of Al-Bayda and Shahat by the militias of Dignity Operation over the last period.

“We have registered six kidnap cases, including two officers – Brig. Abdullah Al-Abeidi and Col. Allafi Al-Abeidi – in one week.” HRS indicated.

“The two officers were kidnapped last Saturday and sent to Al-Rajma’s military jail in eastern Benghazi.” It added.

The HRS also referred to the abduction of the former General National Congress member, Fawzi Al-Eqab, university professor, Khalid Saad Al-Mukhtar, and individuals like Rabiea Al-Mistari in Shahat city and Khalid Faraj Al-Wahdi in Al-Bayda.

The HRS reported media reports as saying that Barqa Hotel CCTV showed the faces of the kidnappers, including militiaman loyal to Dignity Operation called, Ahmed Garoor, who had been accused of killings and abductions previously.

“We hold the leader of Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar, and the Prime Minister of the eastern government, Abdullah Al-Thanni, accountable for the abductions, urging them to release all of the abductees.” The HRS said in a statement.

Dignity Operation forces have earlier arrested 42 officers from the Air Defense Base in Al-Rajma village in east Benghazi on charges of treason.