Libyan Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) issued a report Saturday documenting kidnap and murder cases of political and criminal backgrounds during 2017, based on official and media reports.

The HRS said the statistics doesn’t include casualties of armed clashes.

744 violence victims across Libya; 78% of whom were civilians. Abductions reached 58% compared to other crimes, then 38% assassination and murder cases, while random gunshots’ victims were 4%, the report says.

It adds that east Libya was the top with 58% of the cases, then western Libya with 27% and southern Libya with 15%.

“Benghazi registered 144 cases as the top city with half of the cases being assassinations. Ajdabiya came second with 131 cases, 121 of which were kidnaps in March during a campaign of detention by armed groups loyal to Khalifa Haftar. Then came Sabha with 106 cases, 71 of which were murders in the first three months of 2017, according to Sabha police station.” The report reads.

It added that wershiffana registered 77 cases, 64 of which were kidnaps, adding that there were 39 cases in Suluq in eastern Benghazi – 30 of which were between killed and injured in the assassination attempt that killed Ebrik Luati – an Awaqir tribe leader.

“45% of the victims have become missing as they are still detained to join hundreds others of forced disappearance victims. 30% of the cases were killed.” The report concluded.