Around 1982 people either lost their lives, sustained injuries, detained or imprisoned, due to armed clashes in Libya since the beginning of this year until the 30th of June, according to a report released by the Human Rights Solidarity Organization on Sunday.

The report indicated that 61% of the casualties were of combatants, 765 were civilians, among them children, 466 were wounded, and around 163 people were imprisoned or detained.

It also pointed out that 68% of these numbers were fatalities, which amount to1353 people, noting that most of them were documented in Tripoli.

According to the report, the month of April was the most violent, with 668 casualties, representing 34% of the total number of victims during the first six months of the year.

The report also noted that 468 people were killed during the month of April due to the serious escalation in armed confrontations in the cities of Tripoli and Sirte.

The incidents were documented in several cities and regions but Tripoli topped the number of victims with 949 victims, which constituted more than two thirds of the total count, followed by Sirte with 479 victims, according to the report.