The Human Rights Solidarity organization has called on the General Prosecution of Benghazi to release Farida Abdulhameed and her son Salim Al-Burghathi, who, according to the organization, were arbitrarily arrested 10 months ago and have not been seen since.

The HRS organization urged for helping the woman to go to Tripoli and join her displaced sons who left Benghazi after their house was robbed and burnt by armed groups affiliated with Haftar back on February 23, 2016 in Al-Leithi area.

In a statement Friday, the HRS explained that Farida and her son were apprehended in Al-Makezha checkpoint in Benghazi suburbs last May, adding that the prison authorities prevented Farida’s family from contacting her since last January after they had used to make a weekly phone call, which was provided by the assistance of UNSMIL’s human rights bureau.

“The UNSMIL tried its best over the last months to set Farida and her son free for humanitarian and legal reasons as the General Prosecution has nothing against them and as Farida was suffering from chronic diseases, which need urgent medical care. However, the prison authorities refused, saying that she is afraid of revenge and kidnap by the ‘blood owners’.” The HRS indicated, saying that the General Prosecution in Benghazi is evading responsibility.

On August 04, the Libyan Red Crescent reported that no less than 378 persons out of 626 were still disappearing and their fates were unknown since they had been arrested at different times starting from 2011.