Human Right's Solidarity (HRS) issued on Sunday a call to immediately open a safe passage for the civilians, who are stuck in the areas where clashes are taking place in Benghazi, urging all to do away with all murder and revenge crimes.

In a statement, the HRS said the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government is responsible for the safety of the civilians stuck in Benghazi clashes’ areas, urging it to stop being negligent toward those civilians’ misery and to provide them with a safe passage to move to other secure districts, where the PC is in control.

It also shouldered the responsibility for the House of Representatives and its government (Al-Thanni government) for the crimes committed by their armed groups, saying that the forces of Dignity Operation, led by Khalifa Haftar, had started a kind of murder acts against some civilians after they stormed southern Benghazi districts, where those civilians took refuge from the ferocious war.

“There is a common feeling among the armed groups in Benghazi. It is the “I won’t be punished whatsoever.” Feeling and is present now in the areas where the displaced families went and where random airstrikes and other artillery shell every day.” The HRS, added.

Among the civilians stuck in the areas of clashes, there are 400 U16 children and 10 newborns, who are the most damaged by the drastic living conditions in there, the HRS indicated, adding that it has started filing a complaint at the Attorney General’s Office in Tripoli and the International Criminal Court against those who are suspected of being involved in what might be considered war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Last month, a group of foreigners made an urgent plea for help to leave Benghazi with their families after being trapped there.