Human Rights Watch has considered the decision to renew the mandate of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on Libya, for 9 months is too short, and insufficient at the moment.

It urged the UN Security Council to extend it to at least one full year.

The organization made it clear in a report that the human rights situation in Libya is fraught with danger, with the spread of grave violations committed by armed groups and the persistence of impunity for past violations.

It added: “Landmines and abandoned or unexploded ordnance left over from several waves of conflict from 2011 onwards continue to cause massive harm and displacement of civilians to date, and no Libyan or foreign commanders or fighters have been held accountable for these violations, including the use of Anti-personnel mines during the last Tripoli war".

‘Restrictions on local and international civil groups in the country remain in place, effectively silencing independent groups carrying out vital human rights and humanitarian work’ it added.