Human Rights Watch said fighters affiliated with Khalifa Haftar's forces apparently tortured, summarily executed, and desecrated corpses of opposing fighters, urging for proper investigations into these violations.

Human Rights Watch said Tuesday Haftar had ignored such crimes, adding that the leadership of Haftar's forces should be held accountable by domestic and international courts for complicity in abuses.

"Khalifa Haftar needs to urgently hold his forces accountable for any war crimes they are committing and apparently advertising online." Human Rights Watch said, adding that videos on social media posted by Haftar's fighters prove the crimes.

On Monday, the executive director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth said Monday Haftar "is a brutal Libyan rebel military commander but he is also a US citizen, which means he can be sued in US court for directing atrocities," adding that two Libyan families had sued him in the US for torture and extrajudicial executions.