The International Association of Rights and Freedoms (IARF) has denounced in a statement starving of civilians in Derna, which has been besieged by Dignity Operation forces in eastern Libya for over a year, with a recent tightening grip on food and medicines entrance to the residents.

On Wednesday, IARF said that the siege on Derna is considered a crime against humanity as well as a violation of all the legal conventions, condemning the use of civilians as human shields in armed conflicts.

The IARF also said that the UN-proposed government is to blame for the violations against civilians in Derna and urged the authorities in Libya to take up their responsibilities toward the citizens of the country without distinctions.

Meanwhile, the siege on Derna continues for the fourth week in a row, with people in the city suffering from acute shortages of foods, medicines and fuel, amid calls from local and international entities for the siege to be lifted.