Ibrahim Al-Jodran, the commander of the so-called Oil Facilities Guard - central branch, has been injured earlier in clashes with IS militants southern Brega city.

Media sources reported Oil Facilities Guard personnel Saturday as saying that one of the Guard’s forces was killed and five others wounded, one of whom was Ibrahim Al-Jodran, adding that the injuries were sent to Brega hospital.

The sources added that the clashes between the Oil Facilities Guard and IS militias have been on since Saturday dawn and they are taking place near district 52 south of Brega.

Relatedly, the commander of the Ajdabia border sector, Basheer Bu Thefeirah, said that the attackers came from the east and the west attempting to storm into Brega, but the Oil Facilities Guard force blocked the attempt.

Since the end of 2015, IS militants have been carrying out intermittent attacks endeavoring to control oil ports that are controlled and closed by Al-Jodran forces.