Ibrahim Jodran’s brother leaves Gurnada Prison and talks of disastrous conditions

Ibrahim Jodran’s brother leaves Gurnada Prison and talks of disastrous conditions

July 19, 2016 - 19:58
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Mohammed Jodran, the elder brother of Ibrahim Jodran, who is the Chief of Petroleum Facilities Guard, described the conditions inside the notorious Gurnada Prison, from which he recently left, as catastrophic. Jodran added that he underwent all kinds of physical and psychological torture and he was treated in a very cruel way while being inside the prison.

Mohammed Jodran was kidnapped by masked gunmen affiliated with Dignity Operation on July 10 when he was in front of his workplace in Al-Bayda city as they accuse him of opposing them and their leader the renegade General, Khalifa Haftar.

“I have never dreamt of seeing my family again after I have been taken by masked men to Gurnada Prison, I got shocked when I saw the conditions of the prison. I used to be tortured in all places inside the prison using tools like water pipes.” Jodran told the press, adding that in one of the cells there were about 160 detainees including political activists, who have a different ideology to that of Dignity Operation.

“Among the 160 detainees in that cell, there were a doctor and a nurse, who treated me in the prison’s clinic. The doctor who is treating the detainees in the prison has been detained in the prison for one year, while the nurse was detained and charged of entering the frontlines and picking up the terrorists’ bodies.” Jodran elaborated.

He added that he is concerned about his inmates in prison after he lost contact with them, referring to the current power outages, and the lack of food as well as a proper and a healthy environment. He pointed out that the inmates in Gurnada Prison are detained for no charges and they continue to suffer from the prison’s inhuman and unhealthy conditions as he himself was not actually charged, but was interrogated about his brother Ibrahim Jodran.

“One of the torture chambers had a door with two holes at its bottom for the feet, the detainee is forced to put his feet through those two holes so that they bastinado him and then order him to run with his hands above his head.” Jodran explained.

Notorious Gurnada Prison is one of the jails run by Khalifa Haftar’s militias. Most of the detainees inside that prison are from the opposition of Dignity Operation or those who are thought to be affiliated to any of the opposition parties.

Recently, leaks from inside the prison showed that the imprisoned persons in Gurnada are suffering from deteriorated health conditions and are tortured around the clock, in addition to some reports that confirm they were sexually assaulted.