The spokesperson of the Oil Facilities Guard, Ibrahim Jodran's de facto armed groups, refuted Saturday what was reported by the Air Force of Dignity Operation that claimed to have attacked IS/Daesh convoys in Ben Jawad town, east of Sirte.

Ali Al-Hassi told Press Solidarity that the video of the attack published by Dignity Operation on Saturday is an old one that dates back to December 2014, stressing that there has been no coordination done by Al-Wadi Al-Humar Operations Room and the Commander of the Oil Facilities Guard with the Dignity Operation Air Force.

“If Dignity Operation forces have this ultimate power that allows them to reach the enemy in Ben Jawad, then why haven’t they joined us in foiling IS attack on Al-Sidra oil field back on January 04-05? Worse yet, they were asked to help foil the attack, yet they refused!” indicated Al-Hassi.

He added that the Oil Facilities Guard does not reject joining in any war against terrorism if the war is prompted by national motives and a real desire to combat terrorism, not a war stimulated by delusional glories.