Ibrahim Jodran-led Petroleum Facilities Guard has accused Khalifa Haftar's so-called General Command of orchestrating a plot to control oil ports and fields.

In a statement, signed also by Ajdabia, Brega and Sidra Municipal Councils, the PFG said Khalifa Haftar has deployed former Gaddafi brigades and Chadian and Sudanese rebel groups to control oil ports and fields on the pretext of liberating Sirte.

"Haftar is creating tension in the oil region to obstruct the political agreement and government of accord," the statement added.

It also warned that this plot would descend the country into a civil war in the oil crescent region, saying the PFG will not be responsible for any damage that might occur to the oil fields and ports as a result of Haftar's invasion.

The PFG also urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to declare Khalifa Haftar guilty of committing war crimes for attacking Libyans' oil resource, terrorizing civilians, and killing innocent people.