A delegation from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) carried out an inspection visit to the passengers terminal at Mitiga Airport in Tripoli, where the members were briefed on the ongoing projects in order to increase its capacity and improve its general view, after the opening and linking of the new departure lounge.

The delegation is headed by the regional director of ICAO's office in the Middle East, Mohammed Abu Bakr Al-Farea, who met the Minister of Transportation Mohammed Al-Shahoubi in the presence of the Undersecretary for Air Transport Affairs, according to a statement by the Airports Authority on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

Al-Shahoubi briefed the delegation on the ministry's vision for the development of the aviation sector, as this is the first visit of a high-level delegation from ICAO since the imposition of the international ban on civil aviation to Libya,  knowing that this visit also represents a start to the inspection visit which will be conducted at the end of 2023 to lift the ban imposed on Libyan airports and airliners. 

During its three-day visit, ICAO delegation will conduct field visits to Mitiga and Misrata airports to inspect work procedures and to identify their compliance with the standards and rules adopted by ICAO.