The member of the High Council of State, Belgasim Igzit, called on the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government to clarify its position regarding the bad-reputation militias that are messing around in the capital, Tripoli.

Igzit told the press that the UN-proposed government must be inspected regarding the security preparations, which are now very fragile and even are not complete or appropriate in a way that allows the political parties to work inside the capital without fearing extortion or abduction.

"Libyans refuse the fact that the UN-proposed government is at the mercy of the militias no matter to which party they belong, so the Presidential Council must come to grips with this fact.” He indicated.

Tripoli has seen intermittent clashes in the recent days in different areas, not the last of them was an attack by the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade when it controlled the General Intelligence Department in Al-Firnaj, adding it to other state institutions it controlled over the last period, yet it is not clear whether it coordinated with the Presidential Council for such acts or it was an individual act.