Former Intelligence Chief Salem Al-Hasi has rejected a request from the speaker of Tobruk parliament to temporarily stay in office as chief of the Libyan Intelligence Agency until a substitute is found.

Al-Hasi was appointed by former NTC and took side with Tobruk parliament until his dismissal last February. 

In a leaked letter addressed to Aqailah Saleh, the speaker of Tobruk parliament, on March 03, Al-Hasi responded to the reasons behind his dismissal, saying they are only allegations and a frenzied campaign against him. 

One of the claims is that he confiscated equipment of sixty Libyan snipers who were trained in the US to combat terrorism. Al-Hasi refuted this claim, by the information minister of Tobruk government, confirming that such training programs had never been conducted in the US before.

"This is one of the examples of this flagrant campaign against the Intelligence Agency. Instead of reacting to this claim, some of the HoR members were engaged in such anti-campaigns." He explained. 

Al-Hasi also confirmed is the letter that he renounced his American citizenship in 2012 falsifying the accusations that say he is a Muslim Brotherhood member.

"I have never been a Muslim Brotherhood member; I confirm to you I was openly hostile to the former regime at the time when today's politicians were pledging allegiance under Gaddafi's tent," he said, in a clear hint to Aqailah Saleh's allegiance to slain Gaddafi, a month before the 2011 February uprising. 

Referring to Al-Salam Hotel bombing in Tobruk last December, Al-Hasi revealed that the HoR was about to discuss the poor performance of its speaker, Aqailh Saleh, in preparation for his dismissal when the car bomb explosion happened in the hotel parking. 

He added that "CCTV recordings were immediately taken by the head of Defense and Security Committee of HoR who refused to hand them to the Intelligence Agency for unknown reasons," raising doubts about the identity of the attackers.