Interior Minister Khaled Mazen has received at his offices a delegation of security officers from the southern region to discuss the obstacles hindering their work and the security breaches, top of which the phenomenon of smuggling and human trafficking.

The meeting reviewed plans for tackling smuggling activities and securing fuel shipments heading to the south, as the fuel crisis remains one of the main problems facing the civilian population in the southern region.

The delegation proposed creating a general administration for desert patrols, with five branches composed of experienced security personnel from the ministry's various components.

For his Part, Minister Mazen welcomed the proposal and vowed to make the southern region a safer place by supporting its security directorates.

The meeting also covered other issues related to the work of police officers and non-commissioned officers in the southern region, including settling the employment status of affiliates who had previously enrolled in training courses, as well as addressing other problems that prevented members from being promoted.