Designated Interior Minister Emad Trabelsi says that the Criminal Investigation Department is the authority empowered to investigate crimes and arrest outlaws in the security directorates during a speech to mark the launching of a security plan to secure Greater Tripoli on Monday.

He added that the rescue department has finally received backup after lacking support for some time.

The department is now supported by newly graduated officers, who will be deployed in the streets and vital places across Tripoli, Trabilsi explained.

"This support will be directed to police stations and sections of the security directorates, as they are a direct line of contact with citizens and residents."

According to Minister Emad, the step is part of a larger plan to secure central Tripoli, with a view to extending the operations to the capital's cordon and then to the rest of Libya.

The plan was developed by security specialists, who recommended the recruitment of more staffing, operational needs, and a mechanism for facilitating the work of the security directorates.

The ceremony featured the distribution of security vehicles to all components of the security directorates, including police stations and traffic departments, besides rescue and criminal investigation units.