Minister of Interior Khaled Mazen has warned that the situation is no longer acceptable for the electoral process to proceed, as he referred to the failure of the Sabha Court to consider the appeals brought to it due to security threats, which puts the elections security plan at risk.

Minister Mazen's remarks came in a statement issued jointly with Minister of Justice Halima Abdul Rahman.

The statement confirmed that the Presidential Council assigned the ministries of Interior and Justice to investigate the circumstances surrounding the attack against Sabha court.

"The attacks that occurred in the electoral processes are one of the long standings. Our cadres and institutions have long faced pressure and challenges."

 The ministers said that they preferred to restrain and not take the matter to the media to avoid escalation in compliance with the government's speech, which is working relentlessly to lower tension for the success of the electoral process, as they put it.

Mazen referred to several breaches, including the seizure of electoral equipment in the city of Ajdabiya and the direct threats to several security officials who had attended a training course in Tripoli concerning the elections.

"We declare today that the continued obstruction of the security agenda and the expansion of violations and attacks will harm all efforts put into the electoral security plan, which will directly affect the progress of the electoral process and our commitment to hold it on time," minister Mazen said.

He stressed that such a path would lead to more insecurity and threaten the nation.

The statement of the ministries of Interior and Justice came against the background of the inability of the First Instance Appeals Committee in Sabha, since last Thursday, to consider the challenge submitted by Saif Gaddafi after an armed force affiliated with Khalifa Haftar stormed the court premises to halt the case.