The head of the Fuel and Gas Crisis Follow-up Committee at the Ministry of Interior, Muhammad Fathallah, held a meeting today, at the Brega Oil Marketing Company HQ, to discuss ways to secure the fuel needs of the southern region.

According to the Ministry of Interior on Facebook, the meeting brought together officials of Brega company including the chairman of Brega's management committee, in addition to elders and notables from the southern region.

Fathallah stressed that the Interior Ministry is doing its utmost to secure all fuel and gas cargos heading for the south.

"The Interior Ministry relies heavily on the support and intensified efforts of all components of the south and its various segments for the success of fuel delivery plans, Fathallah said."

It is worth noting that Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has issued a decision to form a committee to follow up the fuel shortage crisis in the south, requesting them to set this issue as a priority.