Two groups of fighters from Khalifa Haftar’s forces clashed in Sirte on Tuesday after an attack on 9th Brigade (Al-Kaniyat) headquarters was carried out by Tariq bin Ziyad brigade, which is run by Haftar's son, Saddam, according to the spokesman for the Sirte-Jufra Operations Room, Abdelhadi Drah.

Drah said the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord was monitoring the clashes in Sirte but received no reports of casualties or the reasons behind the fighting.

Sources from Sirte reported that Saddam's Tariq bin Ziyad brigade attacked Al-Kaniyat headquarters in support for the military police of Haftar’s forces that were trying to detain some wanted Al-Kaniyat members for armed robberies in Sirte.

Sirte is seeing a lack of security with lots of crimes, such as kidnappings and armed robberies being reported done by pro-Haftar militiamen, with the latest one being an attack Monday on two men after an attempt of armed robbery by pro-Haftar gunmen.