The international community is donating millions to Libya, one of the wealthiest countries in the world

Donors of Libya Stabilization Fund (LSF), a.k.a. the Stabilisation Facility for Libya, held a meeting in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Wednesday to discuss ways of funding the UN-installed Presidential Council (PC), led by Fayaz Sirraj, to deal with the daily needs of local residents. 

The meeting was attended by the British, French, Italian, Korean and EU Ambassadors to Libya, in addition to the PC Minister of Planning, according to a statement by the Diplomatic Police guarding the meeting at the Corinthia Hotel.

In a press conference following the meeting, EU Ambassador Bettina Muscheidt announced a contribution of 5 million euro to the LSF.

“The international community supports Libyan efforts in ending conflict through a political solution for the country. But Libya's people cannot wait. Families across the country are in dire need of services.” She said.

The LSF was founded by the Presidential Council in April 2016 in cooperation with the UN Support Mission in Libya and the UNDP to bring together national contributions and international donors to help the PC to provide basic services to the people.

In their first meeting in Tunisia, Germany pledged 10 million euros for two years, the United States pledged 2 million dollars for the first year, Italy 2 million euros for the first year, the United Kingdom 1 million dollars for the first year, Qatar 2 million dollars, Norway  1 million dollars, and Switzerland 250,000 dollars. The French government also donated a million dollars to the LSF.