International condemnation of airstrike that killed three girls in Tripoli

International condemnation of airstrike that killed three girls in Tripoli

October 15, 2019 - 20:31
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The tragic killing of three young sisters by Khalifa Haftar's airstrikes on Fernaj neighborhood in Tripoli stirred condemnations from local and international parties.

The House of Representatives, High Council of State, Foreign, Justice and Interior Ministries have denounced the crime and called for bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Likewise, UNICEF and UNSMIL expressed shock by the attack that killed three girls and injured their mother and sister.

The US ambassador, Richard Norland, issued a statement said the US embassy is sickened by the airstrike that killed the girls in Fernaj neighborhood in Tripoli by forces laying siege to the capital, Tripoli.

Norland said the tragic senseless deaths unite the international community to end the fighting and start the political process that leads to a lasting peace in Libya.

Italy's embassy also condemned the attack that led to the killing of the innocent sisters by "forces attacking the capital."

It called on Twitter for an immediate halt to fighting and airstrikes, urging for commitment to dialogue, peace and democracy process in Libya.

Meanwhile, the German embassy in Libya didn't comment at all about the tragic incident, which turned a bit surprising as its capital Berlin is currently preparing for an international conference on Libya.

The embassies of the UK and France didn't bother writing their own statements, and they just retweeted the UNSMIL's.