International Group for Libya said Saturday it will lodge a lawsuit against UN envoy Ghassan Salame and the former envoy Bernardino Leon at the International Criminal Court (ICC) over violations leading to delaying Libyan political process.

International Group for Libya is a non-governmental body formed of Libyan and international officials.

The Chairman of the group – former Libyan Prime Minister – Omar Al-Hassi said in a presser in Tunisia on Saturday that they are launching an international initiative to activate the international law’s role in ending officials’ impunity.

“Militias supported by some regional countries are controlling the military and political scene in Libya.” Al-Hassi said.

“We are going to file a lawsuit against UN envoys Salame and Leon at the ICC over the violations and their exploitation of their positions as UN official.”

He added, saying Salame didn’t respect the Libyan Political Agreement’s (LPA) articles, such as finishing the constitution first, and he was working away from the constitution track.

Salame proposed an action plan last September that aims to amend LPA, hold a national conference, referendum for the constitution and elections.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the group, Mahmoud Refaat, said at the presser that the lawsuits against Leon and Salame will be based on bribery that was proved in Leon’s case and the violations of Salame.

Refaat said the group will launch an initiative that aims to secure Libya against foreign intervention and “militias” controlling state institutions.

Meanwhile, EU Parliament representative, Klaus Buchner, has disclosed that Khalifa Haftar-led militias have been involved in crimes against humanity with the assistance of Egypt and the UAE, adding at the presser, that those militias and officials must be held accountable for Libya to regain stability, calling on the international community to end such violations.