A new plan to start training the Libyan Coast Guard and navy is ready and waiting for EU approval, the Operation Commander for the EU military operation in the Mediterranean (IRINI), Admiral Stefano Turchetto, said on Wednesday.

In an interview with the Italian Nova Agency, the IRINI commander disclosed that they did not reach an agreement yet with the Libyan government in this regard due to the tense political conditions that prevailed at the start of the operation.

Turchetto considered that the new EU financial instrument dedicated to the common security sector and defense policy of the European Peace Facility could attract Libyan political interest.

He said it is crucial to move forward quickly with respect to the ongoing Ukrainian crisis and the political situation in Libya in order to implement this task.

"Operation IRINI analyzed Libyan needs and proposed a broad plan for capacity building and training for early action that was forwarded to EU member states to give it the green light."

If approved, Turchetto said it could be shared later with the Libyan authorities to assess and issue a formal request, as required under the European Peace Facility Fund Regulation when used to assist another country.

According to the IRINI commander, the plan includes developing Libya's capacities in the areas of operations, maintenance, logistics, and training, with the aim of improving the medium and long-term development and sustainability of the operational functions of the Libyan Coast Guard and navy, with particular reference to rescue activities at sea.