A surprising armed attack targeted early Thursday a security checkpoint in Wadi Kaam area between the western cities of Al-Khums and Zletin, local media reported.

The armed attack left four of the security personnel from Al-Sahel Protection Force killed and three others injured, according to the Head of the Security Department in Zletin, Mohammed Buhajar, who spoke to Alnabaa TV Channel.

Buhajar confirmed that the attack was carried by a suicide attacker with arms and grenades not with a car bomb, giving no further details.

The attacker was killed in the exchange of fire.

The three injured security personnel are now in the intensive care unit at the hospital, Buhajar said.

ISIS has targeted many checkpoints and security posts as well as state institutions in Libya since its defeat in Sirte, which was its last hideout in the country.

Zletin itself was a victim of an atrocious ISIS attack in January 2016, when tens of police and coast guard recruits were killed in a truck attack by ISIS terrorists on their camp.