The Tunisian ISIS recruits, killed in the U.S airstrike in Sabratha on Friday, came to Libya for training, one of the wounded recruits has revealed.

The Office of the Attorney General investigated a wounded recruit and he disclosed that they had joined a training camp in Sabratha in preparation for suicide attacks in the Tunisian soil.

The other wounded recruits were transferred to Tripoli for more investigations, the office added.

Meanwhile, the Military Council of Sabratha said it would take legal actions against those who harbor or hire houses to ISIS-linked foreigners, in an apparent indication to Tunisian nationals.

Sabratha Municipality called on the Tunisian authorities to stop the influx of Tunisian terrorists into Libya, and urged state authorities in Libya to take a firm stance toward these incidents.

The municipality also clarified that one of the airstrike victims, who was suspected of being a Jordanian national, was in reality the Serbian diplomat.