The Islamic Research and Studies Council (IRSC) of the Fatwa House in Libya has said that the action taken by certain armed groups in Tripoli to "deter" outlaws is in itself an act of outlawry because of the panic it caused for the people, the damage it did to personal and public properties and the burning of some TV channels that oppose their ideologies.

The IRSC added in a statement Sunday that the armed groups that clashed in Tripoli had violated the laws as they attacked public institutions such as Hadba Prison, where several Gaddafi henchmen, including his son Al-Saadi, are being held, and killed a number of its guards.

"Not to mention the attack they conducted on the Guest Palaces in Rixos and the building of the General Intelligence Department." The IRC indicated.

The council also denounced the protests that were staged with slogans against the February revolution igniting revenge from certain cities, which were named by those men who organized the protest, and hailing the crimes committed in Benghazi with all the inhumane atrocities done by the coup plotters in there.

"We support the right of peaceful demonstrating and protesting for all Libyans as long as they commit to the moral and sharia ethics." The IRSC remarked.

The IRSC of the Fatwa House also slammed the so-called Dignity Operation crime gangs as inhuman after they had killed the women and entire families who tried to break out of the siege laid on Ganfouda.

"Digging up tombs and parading the bodies of the dead as well as burning the corpses are acts of brutality and can only be described as bestial behavior of nonhuman creatures." The IRSC explained, saying that the perpetrators and the silence voices among their tribes must await the wrath of Allah for such atrocities.

The IRSC remarked that the damage done by the latest incidents and violations in the country would not be healed by apologies or ornamented statements full of wordplay to silence the damaged people and the families of the martyrs by giving them compensations or the like.

"Libya has the right to put a decisive end to the growing threat of the coup plotters who are messing with the safety and security of the country." The Islamic Research and Studies Council concluded.