Italian Nova News Agency said that the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation has nearly 60 development initiatives with a value of more than 680 million euros allocated to the Arab Maghreb countries, including Libya, adding that the Italian presence in the Arab Maghreb has existed for decades and aims for supporting the transition toward sustainable development models, responding to global crises, protecting human rights and ensuring democratic transition.

The Italian Ambassador to Tunisia said that his country was working in Libya to contribute to the stability and reconstruction of the country and to invest in key sectors to improve the living conditions of "Libyan immigrants," as he put it.

The Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation said that Rome can help the Arab Maghreb countries through the strong partnership built over the years with local institutions, civil society, the United Nations system, the private sector and academia.

Meanwhile, the Italian Agency opened its new headquarters in Tunis, which is dedicated to the four Arab Maghreb countries: Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Algeria.