Luigi Di Maio

The Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio has reiterated that Italy is working on avoiding attempts to partition Libya due to the ongoing military conflict, urging for a domestic solution that is acceptable to all parties.

In a meeting with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas - who was visiting EU's IRINI Operation headquarters in Rome on Monday - di Maio said Italy would do anything to end Libya's ongoing conflict.

Di Maio said the solution in Libya should be political and the Berlin conference conclusions should be implemented after they were shelved to deal with the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Maas hailed EU's IRINI Operation that aims at monitoring the implementation of arms embargo in Libya, saying it could help pave the way for a successful political process and then stability in the country.

He added that the EU will have a balanced approach in managing IRINI Operation by backing it up with air elements and satellites in addition to the naval support.