An opposition Italian senator has said that the head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, evaded meeting with Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte in Rome, saying that it was a "slap on the face" for Conte and confirms the ultimate failure of the Italian Government.

The head of the Forza Italia bloc in the Italian Senate, Anna Maria Bernini, added "Unprecedented diplomatic chaos has already occurred,".

"Calling a prime minister without informing him that his enemy will be present in Rome is either an overestimate of the Italian position as an international mediator, or our politicians are just amateurs," she added, underscoring that both are devastating, in the midst of an international crisis of such magnitude.

It is noteworthy that warlord Khalifa Haftar arrived on Wednesday in Rome to meet Prime Ministers, Giuseppe Conte. At the same time, Conte extended a similar invitation to Sarraj - who was on a visit to the EU in Brussels.

A source close to the Presidential Council confirmed to the Libya Observer that Al-Sarraj was unaware of Haftar's presence in Italy. Sarraj cancelled his trip to Rome and returned from Brussels to Tripoli as soon as he was informed of Haftar's presence in Rome, according to the source.

Libyan government officials have denied any plans of a meeting between the Presidential Council head Sarraj and warlord Haftar, neither in Italy nor elsewhere.