The Italian Senate’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committees have passed a decree to refinance the Libyan Coast Guard for another six months with 11 million and 884 euros.

According to the decree, this would empower Libyan maritime security to function independently in technical and operational management.

The Italian MP for the Forza Italia party, Maria Tripodi, criticized the Democratic Party for giving a "no vote," as the decision was passed "thanks to the center-right party."

The Italian Aki news agency quoted Tripodi as saying that the Libyan file deserves special attention. She highlighted that Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini, who belongs to the Democratic Party, was pushing for the return of the Italian mission to Libya but the approval of the decree came from the center-right.

Tripodi praised the work of the Italian forces in supporting and training the Libyan Coast Guard, accusing the Left Party of not doing enough in this file.