Italian vessel sails off Tripoli Naval Base as another arrives Tuesday

Italian vessel sails off Tripoli Naval Base as another arrives Tuesday

August 07, 2017 - 20:44
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Spokesman of the Libyan Navy Ayoub Qassim said Sunday the Italian vessel, Comandante Borsini, left Tripoli Naval Base after five days of a working visit that saw Italian experts and technicians conducting a closeup assessment of the needs of Libya's naval vessels.

He also added that the assessment was done in meetings with Libyan engineers and technicians as well as captains of the vessels which were evaluated by the Italian expertise.

Qassim indicated that the maintenance that is to take place is part of activating the 2008 agreement in the part related to Naval and Coast Guard personnel.

"An Italian service vessel will arrive Tuesday in Tripoli Naval Base to kick off the service work. The duration of the Italian's visit stay in the base id dependent on the maintenance necessities." Qassim added.

He explained that there are no concealed agreements and no articles in the current deal that would violate Libya's sovereignty, saying the Libyan part of the deal did not ask for any intervention or operations inside the territorial waters.

Meanwhile, Khalifa Haftar ordered his forces' air and naval chiefs to destroy in warships sailing into Libyan waters, saying Al-Sirraj agreement with Italy is a violation of Libya's sovereignty.

Italy, however, said Haftar's orders are media propaganda and pose no actual threat.