The Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio has warned European Union member states of ignoring the Libyan conflict's repercussions, saying there isn't much time left and civil war in Libya is escalating, Italian news agency, Aki, reported on Monday.

Di Maio told reporters in Brussels that the EU is taking risks with its ineffectiveness in Libya as the actors are taking their positions on the ground, saying there are many stakeholders and all are part of the international community that is expanding its influence in Libya.

"Libyan crisis is concerning for Italy and it should be concerning to the EU as a whole as well." Di Maio said, adding that Italy aims to reach a ceasefire in Libya as soon as possible.

The Italian Foreign Minister called foreigners backing up both sides of the Libyan conflict to stop this intervention, adding that there are two warring parties in Libya and both have followers and loyalists as well as foreign nations supporting them.

Di Maio called on the countries intervening in Libya to halt their violations and to allow a ceasefire to take effect.