Fursan Janzour Brigade closed the coastal road that links Tripoli to cities and districts westward due to an attack by "gangs and bandits" and their control of Al-Maya side of the road.

"Janzour municipality has been assaulted by all types of weapons at the checkpoint and West Tripoli power plant, killing two residents who were defending the district." Fursan Janzour wrote on their Facebook page Saturday.

The brigade slapped Presidential Council and its Presidential Guard (PG) as well as others as indifferent to the happenings in the municipality, saying the PG fighters pulled out from their locations in the district and broke agreements that say they should secure the coastal road.

"Therefore we announce the shutdown of the coastal road till a solution that can secure the road and people using it is found." The brigade said.

Eyewitnesses reported the road as blocked after 20 trucks unloaded sand and made sand barriers on Friday night, while on Saturday the brigade added that the municipality's security apparatuses announced the state of high alert.

Since last Wednesday, the coastal road has been a site hit by unrest after the Special Deterrent Force attacked gunmen at Sahara bank in Al-Maya town and killed their leader and three clerks, including a woman.