A statement by the residents and the administrative, social and security components of the municipality of Janzour warned the presidency of the Government of National Unity against the establishment of a new municipality under the name “Municipality of Al-Sarraj” to be established in the district of Janzour.

The statement said that what was mentioned in Libyan PM Abdul Hamid Dbiebah's visit regarding the presentation of maps for the establishment of a new municipality has social repercussions related to the social fabric of the municipality and its components.

It clarified that the area is historically affiliated with Janzour under the name of Al-Ghiran, and that the name Al-Sarraj is limited to a residential division, which is one of the nine areas of the municipality of Janzour.

The statement also reiterated that the people of Janzour categorically reject this step and this "unconsidered behavior".

Dbeibah visited Al-Sarraj and discussed the establishment of a new municipality in the area to solve the problem of the division of the region between two municipalities and to ensure the provision of services to the people.