Janzour municipality condemned the "indifference and inaction" of the Presidential Council toward the attack by the Special Deterrent Force (SDF) on Sahara bank in Al-Maya and the subsequent repercussions of the attack that happened in Janzour.

"We condemn the inaction of the PC and the lack of support for the security apparatuses tasked with securing the coastal road." The municipality said in a statement.

It also denied links to the Sahara bank incident, which caused the "criminal attack by lawless gunmen who wanted to cause division and terror among Janzour residents, two of whom died in the attack."

"We urge the PC to appoint security apparatuses that can secure the coastal road so that the lives of the residents in its vicinity and the people using it can be protected." The statement reads.

It indicated that the district of Janzour will keep defending itself against crime and attacks.

Fursan Janzour Brigade closed the coastal road that links Tripoli to cities and districts westward due to clashes with Tribes Army fighters from one side and the National Mobile Force from another.

Tripoli-based SDF attacked last Wednesday the Sahara Bank in the coastal district of Al-Maya in Wershiffana, some 27 kilometers west of Tripoli, and killed commander of the armed group controlling the bank Buhamira Juwaida, who is a leader at the Tribes Army, in addition to three clerks including a woman, sending the area into a chaotic scene and intermittent clashes.

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